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Busy Busy Busy... Full-time or Time-full?

Posted by CrystalBelle on - -

Busy Busy Busy...Full time? Or Time full?

Dancing princess is now busy with so many things..academic classes everyday time packed... @.@

Starting from tomorrow, 10 dance classes will be injected into Dancing Princess weekly schedule O.O

Here is my dance time-table:

Monday Night

Bollywood Dance

Tuesday Morning

Pilates Workout

Tuesday Night


Wednesday Night


Thursday Night

Latin American Dance & African Dance

Friday Night

Iyengar Yoga

Saturday Morning

Adult Beginner Ballet

Saturday Afternoon

Foundation Ballet Intermediate

Saturday Evening

Modern Jazz Intermediate

Saturday Evening Continue

Hip hop beginner O.O


Bollywood Dance Workout or

Yoga Dance

Dancing Princess will be so so so workout... XD

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Another lovely video

Posted by CrystalBelle on - -

Dear all,

This is another lovely dance I would like all of you to learn..

A young dancer performing but indeed strong and clean steps...

Girls, I would like to add this in our concert next year ^^
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A lovely video

Posted by CrystalBelle on - -

Dear all,

I have a lovely video to show all of you..
See whether you have done any of the steps in your ballet class or not ^^

Music video of Polina Semionova
A russian prima ballerina from StaatsBallett Berlin

A very good video to encourage dancers..
Her expressions, steps and movements are indeed clean and gorgeous.

Learn from her ^^

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